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Cisco 10GBase-ER SFP+ SFP-10G-ER
Cisco 1000Base-LX/LH SFP GLC-LH-SM
5 out of 5 Stars!
Cisco 1000Base-SX SFP GLC-SX-MM
5 out of 5 Stars!
Cisco 1000Base-T SFP GLC-T
Cisco 1000Base-SX GBIC WS-G5484
Cisco 10GBase-SR 300M X2 X2-10GB-SR
5 out of 5 Stars!
Cisco 10GBase-LR SFP+ SFP-10G-LR
5 out of 5 Stars!
Cisco 10GBase-SR SFP+ SFP-10G-SR
5 out of 5 Stars!
Cisco 10GBase-SR XFP XFP-10G-MM-SR
Cisco SFP+ Copper Twinax Cable 1M SFP-H10GB-CU1M
5 out of 5 Stars!

Cisco Compatible SFP Plus, SFP+, X2, XENPAK, XFP, SFP, GBIC

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SFP-10G-SR Cisco 10GBase-SR SFP+ $175.00
SFP-10G-LR Cisco 10GBase-LR SFP+ $399.00
SFP-10G-ER Cisco 10GBase-ER SFP+ $1,399.00
SFP-H10GB-CU1M Cisco SFP+ Copper Twinax Cable 1M $49.00
SFP-H10GB-CU3M Cisco SFP+ Copper Twinax Cable 3M $65.00
SFP-H10GB-CU5M Cisco SFP+ Copper Twinax Cable 5M $80.00
SFP-H10GB-ACU7M Cisco Active SFP+ Copper Twinax Cable 7M $175.00
X2-10GB-SR Cisco 10GBase-SR 300M X2 $299.00
X2-10GB-LR Cisco 10GBase-LR 10KM X2 $599.00
X2-10GB-ER Cisco 10GBase-ER 40KM X2 $1,499.00
X2-10GB-ZR Cisco 10GBase-ZR X2 $2,999.00
XENPAK-10GB-SR Cisco 10GBase-SR XENPAK $299.00
XENPAK-10GB-LR Cisco 10GBase-LR XENPAK $599.00
XENPAK-10GB-LR+ Cisco 10GBase-LR XENPAK $695.00
XENPAK-10GB-ER Cisco 10GBase-ER XENPAK $1,499.00
XENPAK-10GB-ER+ Cisco 10GBase-ER XENPAK $1,799.00
XENPAK-10GB-ZR Cisco 10GBase-ZR XENPAK $2,999.00
XFP-10G-MM-SR Cisco 10GBase-SR XFP $299.00
XFP-10GLR-OC192SR Cisco 10GBase-LR XFP $399.00
XFP-10GER-OC192IR Cisco 10GBase-ER XFP $1,299.00
XFP-10GER-OC192IR+ Cisco 10GBase-ER XFP $1,599.00
XFP-10GZR-OC192LR Cisco 10GBase-ZR XFP $1,995.00
GLC-T Cisco 1000Base-T SFP $45.00
GLC-T-A Cisco 10/100/1000Base-T SFP $48.00
GLC-SX-MM Cisco 1000Base-SX SFP $25.00
GLC-LH-SM Cisco 1000Base-LX/LH SFP $35.00
GLC-ZX-SM Cisco 1000Base-ZX 70KM SFP $115.00
GLC-BX-D Cisco 1000Base-BX-D BiDi TX1490/RX1310nm 10km $115.00
GLC-BX-U Cisco 1000Base-BX-U BiDi TX1310/RX1490nm 10km $85.00
WS-G5484 Cisco 1000Base-SX GBIC $25.00
WS-G5486 Cisco 1000Base-LX GBIC $39.00
WS-G5483 Cisco 1000Base-T GBIC $45.00
WS-G5487 Cisco 1000Base-ZX GBIC $115.00
DS-X2-E10G-SR Cisco 10GBase-SR X2 $399.00
DS-X2-FC10G-ER Cisco 10GBase-ER X2 $1,499.00
DS-X2-FC10G-LR Cisco 10GBase-LR X2 $599.00
DS-X2-FC10G-SR Cisco 10GBase-SR X2 $399.00
CRS-XENPAK-10GB-LR Cisco 10GBase-LR XENPAK $599.00
C3-XENPAK10GB-LR Cisco 10GBase-LR XENPAK $599.00
DWDM-XENPAK-60.61= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-59.79= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-58.98= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-58.17= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-56.55= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-55.75= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-54.94= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-54.13= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-52.52= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-51.72= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-50.92= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-50.12= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-48.51= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-47.72= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-46.92= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-46.12= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-44.53= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-43.73= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-42.94= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-42.14= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-40.56= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-39.77= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-38.98= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-38.19= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-36.61= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-35.82= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-35.04= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-34.25= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-32.68= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-31.90= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-31.12= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
DWDM-XENPAK-30.33= Cisco 10GBase-DWDM XENPAK 80KM $3,500.00
XFP-10GB-SR Cisco 10GBase-SR XFP $299.00
XFP-10GB-LR Cisco 10GBase-LR XFP $399.00
XFP-10GB-ER Cisco 10GBase-ER XFP $999.00
XFP-10GB-ZR Cisco 10GBase-ZR XFP $1,999.00
CWDM-XFP-1471 Cisco 10GBase-CWDM XFP $1,899.00
CWDM-XFP-1491 Cisco 10GBase-CWDM XFP $1,899.00
CWDM-XFP-1511 Cisco 10GBase-CWDM XFP $1,899.00
CWDM-XFP-1531 Cisco 10GBase-CWDM XFP $1,899.00
CWDM-XFP-1551 Cisco 10GBase-CWDM XFP $1,899.00
CWDM-XFP-1571 Cisco 10GBase-CWDM XFP $1,899.00
CWDM-XFP-1591 Cisco 10GBase-CWDM XFP $1,899.00
CWDM-XFP-1611 Cisco 10GBase-CWDM XFP $1,899.00
CWDM-XFP-1471-80KM Cisco 10GBase-CWDM 80KM XFP $2,495.00
CWDM-XFP-1491-80KM Cisco 10GBase-CWDM 80KM XFP $2,495.00
CWDM-XFP-1511-80KM Cisco 10GBase-CWDM 80KM XFP $2,495.00
CWDM-XFP-1531-80KM Cisco 10GBase-CWDM 80KM XFP $2,495.00
CWDM-XFP-1551-80KM Cisco 10GBase-CWDM 80KM XFP $2,495.00
CWDM-XFP-1571-80KM Cisco 10GBase-CWDM 80KM XFP $2,495.00
CWDM-XFP-1591-80KM Cisco 10GBase-CWDM 80KM XFP $2,495.00
CWDM-XFP-1611-80KM Cisco 10GBase-CWDM 80KM XFP $2,495.00
GLC-LH40-SM Cisco 1000Base-LX/LH 40KM SFP $99.00
GLC-ZX-SM-120 Cisco 1000Base-ZX 120KM SFP $169.00
SFP GE-S Cisco 1000Base-SX SFP $45.00
SFP GE-L Cisco 1000Base-LX SFP $59.00
SFP GE-Z Cisco 1000Base-ZX SFP $125.00
SFP GE-T Cisco 1000Base-T SFP $49.00
DS-SFP-FC-2G-SW Cisco 1/2GBase-SX SFP $45.00
DS-SFP-FC-2G-LW Cisco 1G/2.125GBase-LX SFP $69.00
DS-SFP-FC-4G-SW Cisco 1/2/4Gbps FC SFP $59.00
DS-SFP-FC-8G-SW Cisco 8Gbps FC SFP $169.00
ONS-SE-4G-MM Cisco 4Gbps FC SFP $199.00
DS-SFP-FCGE-SW Cisco 1000BASE-SX SFP $49.00
DS-SFP-FCGE-LW Cisco 1000BASE-LX SFP $69.00
GLC-BX-D20 Cisco 1000Base-BX-D BiDi TX1490/RX1310nm 20km $125.00
GLC-BX-U20 Cisco 1000Base-BX-U BiDi TX1310/RX1490nm 20km $95.00
GLC-BX-D40 Cisco 1000Base-BX-D BiDi TX1490/RX1310nm 40km $135.00
GLC-BX-U40 Cisco 1000Base-BX-U BiDi TX1310/RX1490nm 40km $105.00
GLC-BX-D70 Cisco 1000Base-BX-D BiDi TX1550/RX1490nm 70km $229.00
GLC-BX-U70 Cisco 1000Base-BX-U BiDi TX1490/RX1550nm 70km $229.00
GLC-BX-D80 Cisco 1000Base-BX-D BiDi TX1550/RX1490nm 80km $229.00
GLC-BX-U80 Cisco 1000Base-BX-U BiDi TX1490/RX1550nm 80km $229.00
GLC-BX-D120 Cisco 1000Base-BX-D BiDi TX1550/RX1490nm 120km $379.00
GLC-BX-U120 Cisco 1000Base-BX-U BiDi TX1490/RX1550nm 120km $379.00
CWDM-SFP-1270 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1270nm SFP $165.00
CWDM-SFP-1290 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1290nm SFP $165.00
CWDM-SFP-1310 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1310nm SFP $165.00
CWDM-SFP-1330 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1330nm SFP $165.00
CWDM-SFP-1350 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1350nm SFP $165.00
CWDM-SFP-1370 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1370nm SFP $165.00
CWDM-SFP-1390 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1390nm SFP $165.00
CWDM-SFP-1410 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1410nm SFP $165.00
CWDM-SFP-1430 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1430nm SFP $165.00
CWDM-SFP-1450 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1450nm SFP $165.00
CWDM-SFP-1470 Cisco 1.25GBase-CWDM SFP $115.00
CWDM-SFP-1490 Cisco 1.25GBase-CWDM SFP $115.00
CWDM-SFP-1510 Cisco 1.25GBase-CWDM SFP $115.00
CWDM-SFP-1530 Cisco 1.25GBase-CWDM SFP $115.00
CWDM-SFP-1550 Cisco 1.25GBase-CWDM SFP $115.00
CWDM-SFP-1570 Cisco 1.25GBase-CWDM SFP $115.00
CWDM-SFP-1590 Cisco 1.25GBase-CWDM SFP $115.00
CWDM-SFP-1610 Cisco 1.25GBase-CWDM SFP $115.00
CWDM-SFP-1470-120 Cisco 1.25GBase-CWDM 120KM SFP $269.00
CWDM-SFP-1490-120 Cisco 1.25GBase-CWDM 120KM SFP $269.00
CWDM-SFP-1510-120 Cisco 1.25GBase-CWDM 120KM SFP $269.00
CWDM-SFP-1530-120 Cisco 1.25GBase-CWDM 120KM SFP $269.00
CWDM-SFP-1550-120 Cisco 1.25GBase-CWDM 120KM SFP $269.00
CWDM-SFP-1570-120 Cisco 1.25GBase-CWDM 120KM SFP $269.00
CWDM-SFP-1590-120 Cisco 1.25GBase-CWDM 120KM SFP $269.00
CWDM-SFP-1610-120 Cisco 1.25GBase-CWDM 120KM SFP $269.00
CWDM-SFP-2.5G-1470 Cisco 2.5GBase-CWDM 80KM SFP $245.00
CWDM-SFP-2.5G-1490 Cisco 2.5GBase-CWDM 80KM SFP $245.00
CWDM-SFP-2.5G-1510 Cisco 2.5GBase-CWDM 80KM SFP $245.00
CWDM-SFP-2.5G-1530 Cisco 2.5GBase-CWDM 80KM SFP $245.00
CWDM-SFP-2.5G-1550 Cisco 2.5GBase-CWDM 80KM SFP $245.00
CWDM-SFP-2.5G-1570 Cisco 2.5GBase-CWDM 80KM SFP $245.00
CWDM-SFP-2.5G-1590 Cisco 2.5GBase-CWDM 80KM SFP $245.00
CWDM-SFP-2.5G-1610 Cisco 2.5GBase-CWDM 80KM SFP $245.00
DS-CWDM4G1470 Cisco 4GBase-CWDM 1470nm SFP $299.00
DS-CWDM4G1490 Cisco 4GBase-CWDM 1490nm SFP $299.00
DS-CWDM4G1510 Cisco 4GBase-CWDM 1510nm SFP $299.00
DS-CWDM4G1530 Cisco 4GBase-CWDM 1530nm SFP $299.00
DS-CWDM4G1550 Cisco 4GBase-CWDM 1550nm SFP $299.00
DS-CWDM4G1570 Cisco 4GBase-CWDM 1570nm SFP $299.00
DS-CWDM4G1590 Cisco 4GBase-CWDM 1590nm SFP $299.00
DS-CWDM4G1610 Cisco 4GBase-CWDM 1610nm SFP $299.00
DS-CWDM-SFP-1470 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1470nm SFP $115.00
DS-CWDM-SFP-1490 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1490nm SFP $115.00
DS-CWDM-SFP-1510 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1510nm SFP $115.00
DS-CWDM-SFP-1530 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1530nm SFP $115.00
DS-CWDM-SFP-1550 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1550nm SFP $115.00
DS-CWDM-SFP-1570 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1570nm SFP $115.00
DS-CWDM-SFP-1590 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1590nm SFP $115.00
DS-CWDM-SFP-1610 Cisco 1000Base-CWDM 1610nm SFP $115.00
10720-GE-SFP-LH Cisco GE 10KM SFP $69.00
10720-GE-SFP-SX Cisco GE 550M SFP $49.00
GLC-LX-SM-RGD Cisco 1000Base-LX/LH SFP $89.00
GLC-FE-100LX Cisco 100Base-LX 10KM SFP $65.00
GLC-GE-100FX Cisco 100Base-FX 2KM SFP $95.00
GLC-FE-100EX Cisco 100Base-EX 40KM SFP $75.00
GLC-FE-100ZX Cisco 100Base-ZX 80KM SFP $115.00
GLC-FE-100BX-D Cisco 100Base-BXD BiDi TX1550/RX1310nm 10km $99.00
GLC-FE-100BX-D-RGD Cisco 100Base-BXD BiDi TX1550/RX1310nm 10km Rugged $115.00
GLC-FE-100BX-U Cisco 100Base-BXU BiDi TX1310/RX1550nm 10km $99.00
GLC-FE-100BX-U-RGD Cisco 100Base-BXU BiDi TX1310/RX1550nm 10km Rugged $115.00
GLC-FE-100BX-D20 Cisco 100Base-BXD BiDi TX1550/RX1310nm 20km $115.00
GLC-FE-100BX-U20 Cisco 100Base-BXU BiDi TX1310/RX1550nm 20km $115.00
GLC-FE-100BX-D40 Cisco 100Base-BXD BiDi TX1550/RX1310nm 40km $125.00
GLC-FE-100BX-U40 Cisco 100Base-BXU BiDi TX1310/RX1550nm 40km $125.00
GLC-FE-100BX-D70 Cisco 100Base-BXD BiDi TX1550/RX1310nm 70km $199.00
GLC-FE-100BX-U70 Cisco 100Base-BXU BiDi TX1310/RX1550nm 70km $199.00
GLC-FE-100FX-RGD Cisco 100Base-FX SFP $115.00
GLC-FE-100LX-RGD Cisco 100Base-LX SFP $85.00
SFP OC3-MM Cisco OC3 MM SFP $105.00
SFP OC3-SR Cisco OC3 SR SFP $109.00
SFP OC3-IR1 Cisco OC3 IR1 SFP $59.00
SFP OC3-LR1 Cisco OC3 LR1 SFP $79.00
SFP OC3-LR2 Cisco OC3 LR2 SFP $125.00
15454-SFP3-1-IR Cisco OC3 SFP $79.00
ONS-SI-155-I1 Cisco OC3 SFP $115.00
ONS-SI-155-L1 Cisco OC3 SFP $89.00
ONS-SI-155-L2 Cisco OC3 SFP $169.00
ONS-SI-155-SR-MM Cisco OC3 SFP $115.00
SFP OC12-SR Cisco OC12 SR SFP $89.00
SFP OC12-IR1 Cisco OC12 IR1 SFP $99.00
SFP OC12-LR1 Cisco OC12 LR1 SFP $149.00
SFP OC12-LR2 Cisco OC12 LR2 SFP $189.00
15454-SFP12-4-IR Cisco OC12 SFP $125.00
ONS-SI-622-I1 Cisco OC12 SFP $125.00
ONS-SI-622-L1 Cisco OC12 SFP $299.00